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Our Service Department handles installs
and repairs for most beverage dispensing equipment


Draft Systems Slideshow

BIB Beverage syrup rack for soda system  in kitchen backroom
We handle Beverage systems, Fountain Machines, Soda Guns, all systems big or small.


You can try this Troubleshooting Guide to avoid a Service Call  


Draft Beer Specialists


Our Draught Beer Specialists are factory trained and certified by Micromatics Dispense Institute to factory standards. Our technicians have all been certified through the Carbonics Draft Specialist program to exceed industry standards.

It's hot in Houston, we can't take chances on beer that is too warm, or too foamy!  Our Draft team takes pride in providing excellent, guaranteed results.  That said, you don't need to pay for expensive equipment you don't need.  We have the best and most affordable Draft Service team in the Greater Houston Area.

Beginning of Draft beer tower installation for bar

We can design a new installation or repair or your existing installation.  It all begins with a FREE estimate for a new install, or FREE estimate for any repairs needed.  We're happy to stay within your budget.  We'll explain the PROS and CONS of all your options, and let you choose.  Of course the goal is always a consistent perfect pour with every glass, you should never have to suffer flat beer or lose profits to excess foam.

                     Our installations are guaranteed.  We are not afraid to state it in bold! 
You'll see a perfect pour from every line before we collect our final bill, and you'll have 1 year of free support as well!

beer perfect pour, not over-carbonated, and not flat  


Soda System Engineers -Fountain Machines, soda guns     Troubleshooting Guide      

The Soda team can advise you as to your most profitable dispenser, based on your specific location and needs.  We install everything from countertop units, to stand alone machines, from towers to bar guns.  Our Soda Dispenser technicians are trained by Lancer and Cornelius and certified to operate on Servend machines!  If it dispenses a liquid beverage, we can fix it!    Whether it's a large portion control dispensing machine or a small bar gun install we're happy to treat each job with equal attention to detail. Many C-stores, game rooms, and diners, and most restaurants have found Post-Mix Soda Fountain dispensers to be an economical solution.  We offer Free estimates for new system installs.  If you have existing equipment that you own, we'll be happy to repair it or clean it.  We sanitize your lines and machine internally with a food-grade cleaning product called Bev Clean.  This product removes sediment, sugar crystals, and bacteria from inside your machine and lines, restoring the original taste to your flavors.  This creates better customer satisfaction and retention.  We recommend a Bev-Cleaning at least twice a year, but more often in the case of very high useage.  The product is subject to market fluctuation.  Please call for current prices.

Pictured below are just 3 different types of the many drink dispensers that we can install in addition to soda guns for your bar!
Lancer counter top soda dispenser                                         Lancer ice cooled drop in soda dispenser                              small electric counter-top soda fountain  


soda gun installs and repairs

As a factory authorized repair center, we can repair or install Wunderbar and Schroeder bar guns.  We can work with you to determine what drain requirements you may have and how best to chill the syrup and soda water going through the gun.  This may involve a cold plate, a jockey box, or a chiller.  Give us a call and we'll provide you with a free estimate.   We offer LEASED equipment as well.



LIQUOR Systems

Our Service teams that deal with Liquor are factory certified by Easybar, Wunderbar, and Sprint!  We can design, install, or repair your liquor dispensing or portion control system.  Liquor bar guns have a limited life span, if yours needs to be replaced, that is quick and easy.  In most cases we will be able to get a liquor specialist to your location on the day you call.  We offer afterhours repair if your system experiences problems on a Saturday night!  Use the Live Chat feature for after-hours support.
                                            liquor bar gun


Helpful Soda Drink Dispenser information and FAQS

 Each Gallon of BIB (Bag in a Box) syrup will yield 800 ounces.

A 3-Gallon Bag will yield 2304 ounces of drink.

A 3-gallon BIB syrup can be a highly profitable food product! If you have a 16 ounce cup filled with ice there is approximately 8 liquid ounces of product in that cup when filled.  At 8 ounces of product per cup you can make 288 cups from your 3 gallon BIB.  More cups if your using 12 ounce cups or nugget ice!  

Q. Which utilities are required to install the Bag in the Box System?

The Soda Machine itself requires requires an electrical outlet and access to a water supply and drain.  The water supply needs to be a 3/8" line or larger.

Q. How much space is required under the Soda Machine?

Each unit requires connection to carbon dioxide tanks to power the syrup and water mixture.  Our smallest commercial CO2 tanks are 28" tall.  Therefore some space is needed (perhaps in a cabinet under the machine) that has at least 30" in height and a hoses carrying syrup will need to be routed to the machine. (see diagram below). You will also need space for all the Boxes (syrups) and the pumps and carbonator, unless some of these items will be located in a back-room area.

Q. What supplies are needed for a Bag in the Box System?

Starting from the cylinder of CO2 and working towards the end customer, you will need a CO2 tank, a Regulator for the tank, a Carbonator, Syrup pumps for each flavor, boxes of syrups (called Bag-In-the-Box, or BIB's), and finally the dispensor (Soda Machine).  You may also need a water booster and water regulator if your water pressure is low or you have periods of extremely peak useage.  You may want an ice-maker so that you do not have to dump ice into the machine several times per day.

Q. How often does your service restock the supplies?

Our service will deliver your syrups at least once per month and refill your CO2 as needed with each delivery.

BIB system diagram

Q. What the cheapest way I can stop serving cans and bottles

The cheapest is not always the most efficient for your situation, nor of the highest quality.  But to answer your question a bar gun (or bar gun tower) is the cheapest.  You'll still need a few items:  an ice chest with a built in cold plate (sometimes called a jockey box), a carbonator, a bar gun, a tank of CO2 with 2 regulators, and a pump for every flavor of syrup you plan to have, plus the cost of installation.  If the Bag in the Boxes of concentrated syrup (BIB's) aren't located near the gun, you'll need a bundle of tubing to carry the syrups. All of these costs fluctuate, especially lately with inflation, so you'll need to call for an exact quote.  Feel free to ask about used equipment, which we occassionally have available.  Keep in mind that bar guns are designed for quick fills to top off mixed drinks at a bar, their primary purpose is not as a sodawater dispenser for a restaurant full of people.




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