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Carbonics BIB post mix syrups for beverage service 713-944-7900

Remember, unlike our competition, we have NO MINIMUM DELIVERY requirements,
and NO delivery charges for our regular routes!   
Call for prices   713-944-7900

Whether you need CO2 delivered, refilled, or if you are looking to purchase your own cylinder. We can do that.

We also install complete systems
exploded cylinders


Federal law mandates that high pressure cylinders be visually inspected and hydrostatically tested every five years to ensure their safety and integrity. During the testing process, small pit areas or stress areas on the interior or exterior will cause a cylinder to be unfit for service. If no pitting or stress areas are found, then the cylinder is stamped and put back in service for another five years.  The test is very generous, if a cylinder fails the hydrostatic test, you REALLY do not want it in service.  If a weak cylinder suddenly fails, it can explode, and cause injury and even death.  If you are caught using a cylinder that has not been tested in the last 5 years it can cost you $ thousands of dollars in fines.

If hydrostatic testing of your cylinder is needed, CMR Carbonics offers that service along with sandblasting and painting your cylinder the color of your choice.  We do our testing, here, in house, and have the fastest turn around time in the industry!


Bag in the Box

Need Syrup, Bag in a Box, or just cleaning service on your existing equipment. We can do that.  Perfect for any post mix beverage system, our BIB comes in 3 gallon boxes.  Recently, the courts have found that owners can be held liable if the 5 gallon boxes are too heavy and cause injury to an employee tasking with changing them.  Our 3 gallon boxes are easily manageable for anyone.  Generally you can buy 2 of our 3-gallon BIB syrups for the cost of 1 5 gallon box!  For your soda fountain dispensor to work just right, it will need to be calibrated to mix just the right ratio of syrup to carbonated water.  Your carbonator will need to be calibrated to supply the right pressure of water and CO2 gas to insure the sodawater is carbonated before it mixes with the syrup.  Feel free to call if you need any help.      (more about syrups)
New installs, moving equipment, need repairs, re-running lines?  Have a leak?  Is the taste just off?  We can do that!  

 new Ask us about our LEASE program.  Monthly Lease, or a FREE machine with purchase of our Bag-in-the-Box Syrups!

Just need the system cleaned?  Our BevClean Service utilizes a Food-grade sanitizer that internally cleans the lines and machine dispenser or soda gun.  This product removes sugar crystals and bacteria, leaving the lines clean and restores original taste.  Sugar Crystals, bacteria, and sediment particulates are removed from the entire system, from the syrup box to the dispenser nozzle, including areas brush cleaning can't reach.  Call 713-944-7900 to schedule your service.

Rather have a Soda Gun for your bar?
free soda machines Free Soda Machines!

Seriously.  If you will buy our Bag in the Box Syrups we'll supply all your equipment!


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