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post mix BIB beverage syrups in Houston, tx

THE place for BIB's

Save Money

Remember, unlike our competition, we have NO MINIMUM DELIVERY requirements,
and NO delivery charges for our regular routes!
Call for prices   713-944-7900

We offer the "Lone Star" syrups for all of your commercial beverage needs. Cola, Diet Cola, Dr. Lonestar, Lonestar Up, Lemonade, Pink Lemonade.  We have whatever flavor you need.   The Lonestar Brand is well recognized within the professional beverage industry and brings with it a level of quality you will not find in other local brands. This is affordable syrup with no minimum requirements. You can order 1 box or 10 at a time.  These BIB (Bag in a Box) syrups come with industry standard universal connectors that work with the Gray "plunger" type connector.  The Bag in the box system is the most efficient way to profit from soda water drinks.  Typically used in Soda Fountain Dispensers, but also available for soda bar guns, these box of syrup are relatively lightweight, easy to handle, and convenient to store. 

Our Lone Star brand name syrups come in three (3) gallon boxes that are easier for your employees to handle than the big five (5) gallon boxes.  They are less dangerous then the heavy 5 gallon boxes that some employees may struggle with. They are also LESS than half the cost!

Make sure you store them in a temperature controlled environment, and they will last up to six months. 

The Key to great tasting fountain dispenser soda water drinks is arriving at the perfect mixture of syrup to soda water.  The soda water must be carbonated just right (which is very easy to do), and then the machine must mix the right amount of syrup into that soda water to make the perfect drink.  The process of adjusting the mixing portions is referred to as Brixing the machine.  This is the most often overlooked step, and has the most impact on the taste of the drink. 
Lone Star Cola
Lone Star Diet Cola
Dr. Lone Star
Lone Star's Up
Lone Star Root Beer
Sweet Tea
Unsweet Tea
Orange Soda
Strawberry Soda
Fruit Punch
Pink Lemonade
actual Orange Juice (50%)
Cranberry Juice
Pineapple Juice
Sweet 'n Sour
Xstatic Energy Drink!
New installs, moving equipment, need repairs, re-running lines?  Have a leak?  Is the taste just off?  We can take care of any of those needs.  All of our installations come with a warranty, and we offer same-day service to our existing customers!  

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